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Head of Department’s Message

Rapid development and change in every direction in the 21st century we are in; although education changes methods, techniques and models it still makes the presence, importance, and guidance of the teacher necessary and even important. Only well-equipped teachers can see this technological, cultural, social and political change and lead the training of individuals who are in line with the requirements of this change. For this reason, it is the main reason for our efforts to be able to grow up as individuals who research, question, study, produce, cooperate, have national and universal values ​​in this path that we set out to raise the free conscience of free generations.

In our department, where we adopt a theory and practice-based approach, you will develop, change and prepare for teaching by absorbing the information you acquire with a student-centered and innovative approach. It is the main purpose of me and all my colleagues to be able to have the skills that you can see as a tool to understand and to open the doors of new thoughts rather than to receive information throughout your education. For this reason, your graduation as a teacher from Hasan Kalyoncu University as a teacher with love and devotion to your profession in your hearts, your mind in mind, raising a creative, researcher, inquisitive and curious children with no mind in mind. . I invite you to join us in the adventure of being a teacher who will confirm the saying “The greatest miracle in life is to come across a good teacher when you are young”.

Dr. Şermin METİN